Community Nurse Service

Say Goodbye to the Hassle of Travelling and Start Receiving Specialized Healthcare in the Comfort of Your Own Home

If you are an individual living with a disability and looking for the support and care around you, especially for managing your health,overall wellbeing and enhancing independence as much as you can within the comfort of your home, then you should consider the community nurse service

MaxiCare has been providing the highest quality NDIS Community Nurse Service that can build strong relationships and enhance lives. Whether you need medication management, wound care, or education on health and wellness, our skilled nurses can be your final solution. If you ever find yourself in need of someone who is supportive and helpful in your healthcare journey, don’t forget that your friendly nurses are always here for your care. 

What is included in the NDIS community nurse service?

We are an in-home care nurse provider for individuals in their homes, allowing them to access healthcare services within the comfort of their own homes. We provide a wide range of supports and services, including:

Medication management

Our nurses can help clients manage their medications, including administering medication, monitoring their effectiveness, and identifying any potential side effects.

Wound care

Our nurses that are part of our community nurse service are well trained in wound care and can provide assistance with the treatment and management of wounds, including pressure sores, surgical wounds, and burns.

Continence management

Our nurses can provide education and support around continence management, including advice on appropriate products and techniques.

Diabetes management

Monitoring blood sugar levels, administering insulin injections, and providing education on diet and lifestyle changes.

Education and training

Our nurses can provide education and training to clients, carers, and families on a range of in-home health care services we provide, including wound care, medication management, and healthy living.

If you have any specific care or support requirements with community nurse services, feel free to discuss them with our friendly team. 

What benefits you can expect from NDIS community nurse services

There are many benefits to opting in-home support NDIS, from receiving your required support and care within the comfort of your home to living your best life in the best possible way. Here we are listing some of the key benefits one must be aware of. 

  • Personalised care: NDIS Community Nurse Services provide individualised healthcare support tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. This means that the care and support you receive are designed specifically for you, ensuring that your healthcare needs are fully addressed.
  • Comfort care: In home disability support allows you to access the support and care you are looking for within the comforts of your home instead of going to other accommodations to get support. It improves the quality of life as it reduces stress and anxiety, which are actually associated with hospital visits or long-term care facilities.
  • Improved health outcomes: By receiving specialised care and support in your home from a community nurse service, you can improve your overall health outcomes. This can include improved wound healing, better management of chronic conditions, and a reduction in hospital admissions and emergency room visits.
  • Access to specialised services: In home health care allows access to specialised healthcare services, including post op care nursing, which focuses on the care and management of patients who have undergone surgery recently, irrespective of your location.

Who benefits most from community nurse service?

Community nurse services offered in individual homes can be beneficial for many, out of which the following are ideal for choosing nurse care services:

  • Participants who are in ongoing healthcare support but have difficulty accessing healthcare services outside of their homes due to mobility issues, or disabilities.
  • Individuals that need regular monitoring and follow-up of their healthcare needs, such as medication management, wound care, and continence management.
  • In-home Community Nurse Service can also benefit individuals who have recently been discharged from the hospital and require ongoing care and support at home.
  • Individuals who have complex healthcare needs that require specialised care and support, such as heart disease, diabetes, or respiratory conditions.

Why should you choose us over others?

  • We are highly skilled and exceptionally experienced community nurse service provider who actually strive to restore the lives of individuals living with disabilities.
  • Apart from providing the care and support you are looking for, we also suggest some minor home modifications in order to promote a more safe living space after tracing out the potential hazards and risks in the home environment.
  • We also educate participants, families, and family carers about healthcare topics so that they can live a healthier and more independent life. 
  • We are well known for providing high intensity NDIS services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of the individual.


If you or your loved ones find yourself in a situation where you need to use the Community Nurse Service in order to restore your health and wellbeing, you can get assistance from MaxiCare. Call us and discuss your care requirements. Get the health care services you need in the comfort of your own home.